About Us

Welcome to Classic Hotels, where the quintessence of timeless British hospitality is not just preserved but is vividly alive and embraced. For us, hospitality is an art that harks back to the grandeur of the great British country houses of yesteryear—an era celebrated for congeniality, elegance, and an atmosphere of genteel comfort.

At Classic Hotels, we have carefully cultivated this tradition, ensuring that from the moment you step through our doors, you are enveloped in a lifestyle that is as luxurious as it is effortlessly casual. Our steadfast aim is to provide an experience where classic charm meets modern convenience—an approach to hospitality that both luxury seekers and casual travelers will find irresistible.

Our properties are sanctuaries of refined taste, where each detail is thoughtfully considered to create an ambiance of relaxation and sophistication. From majestic landscapes to masterfully crafted interiors, every aspect of our hotels exudes character and warmth. Whether it’s the tranquility of our gardens, the calm flow of rivers, or the grandeur of mountain vistas, each hotel is intentionally situated to offer enchanting views—an idyllic backdrop for your stay.

We believe that the pleasure of dining is an integral part of the travel experience. That’s why our restaurants offer menus that showcase the finest local ingredients, delivering a culinary journey that is both authentic and inventive. The dining experience at Classic Hotels is complemented by the serene elegance of our lounges, which provide the ideal setting for a quiet reprieve or a congenial conversation over drinks.

Understanding that our clientele’s needs are diverse, each Classic Hotel boasts versatile spaces suited for various occasions. Whether you’re organizing an important business meeting, hosting a private dinner, or celebrating a milestone, our venues are adaptable to your requirements, ensuring the success of your event. Additionally, those dreaming of a romantic wedding will find in our hotels the perfect stage to say, “I do,” with settings that promise to make such occasions truly unforgettable.

At Classic Hotels, we are committed to extending our hospitality beyond the expectations of our overnight guests. Whether you are joining us for a meal, a meeting, or a momentous celebration, our doors are open, welcoming you to share in the Classic Hotels experience.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you, for whatever reason you may visit. Let us be the architects of your memories, crafting stays that are not simply pleasant, but resonate with the enduring elegance of British tradition and hospitality.

Your journey to experiencing the epitome of classical living awaits at Classic Hotels.

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